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What should I do to get some?

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We send monthly Newsletter. It’s only possible way to get special discount codes to our shops. Also it’s only possible way to be notified about open period times, when we accept custom orders. It’s only 2-3 times for a year!

What if you start to send your newsletter more often?

At first, we will let you know about it. Prepare a content for newsletter takes time. Also we are not native English speakers, so it takes even more time. Furthermore we like to send a valuable content. So maybe not send that often but more pithy email from us can make your day.

When would you get first email from us?

First email comes right after you would register to our newsletter. Please check it and confirm, that you really want to subscribe to OBJET d’ART mailing list. Normally we send newsletter last Thursday of the month.

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Where can you find our shops?

Our international shops you would find here and on Etsy. If you can find your country on our shipping destinations, please let us know. We sell our OBJET d’ART Jewelry and original artworks of our few Polish friends, helping them reach wider international audience.

Where can you find us online?

Also we are on Instagram and Pinterest.