The most valuable things are created with Passion

Delicacy of watercolor painting. Love to the animals and plants. Worship of beauty. Fascination with wonderful renewable materials created by Mother Nature.

Here in our studio we think, that as much as possible things for people should be created by people, not produced by machines. So we make things and our main creator is Kasia (Kate).

About Kasia

I made your Jewelry OBJET d'ART
My name is Kasia and I made your Jewelry.

I have been making things since I remember. When I was 9 years old I was making figurines out of clay and playing them with other kids. I didn’t understand that I was able to create things, I just made toys because those days it wasn’t possible to buy them in stores. So I decided to make them myself. Most of them doesn’t exist any more. I was also drawing and painting since the very early stage, my mom says I created first drawings before my younger brother was born (he is 14 month younger). Maybe because of this I was always painting small illustration, and today I create miniature paintings. Studies in architecture and urban design at The Silesian Technical University sensitized me to composition and textures. I have always had a sense of colors and loved beautiful things.

After a few years of education, self-improvement and many hours of individual searching I have developed my own professional profile. So now I can offer you what I could not find before: high quality unique articles, beautiful and created by me. I combine together original paintings, beads, metal, clay, leather, wood, natural stones, gemstones and crystals to create unique pieces of jewelry. I make them with high care and precision, so each is special, last longer and is vegan friendly. My creations with proper care can be used for years and what is the most significant – I put my heart in them.

By choosing accessories and trinkets that complement us, we define ourselves and our personality.
I want to offer you unique ❤ made items, reaching deep into the soul.

Hand-painted Jewelry

The reason, why we started to create this unique jewelry, is our great passion to the nature and beautiful things. We combine together modern as well as traditional materials and tools, but we use classic craft and painting techniques. Our jewelry, inspired by the world of nature, depicts totemic animals and plants that have accompanied people since the dawn of time. Each tiny picture is painted by hand with the technique of a miniature painting by an artist specializing in this art.

Her skills have been appreciated by the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers, whose patron is the heir apparent to the British throne Charles, Prince of Wales. 4 miniatures were accepted for the annual collective exhibition of the Society in Autumn 2017.

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