• The Seller shall not be held liable for default or inadequate performance of the Agreement resulting form force majeure.
  • Please make sure, that you have correctly configured your order and that you have entered the correct data in the store registration form. You are responsible to provide proper data in the registration form of the E-shop – the contracting authority bears the responsibility.
  • You, as the Ordering Party, shall be liable for any and all effects resulting from Orders placed in violation of Shop’s Regulations or for providing incorrect data in the registration form of the E-shop.
  • Due to technical reasons the photos of the Goods provided by shop.imagesower.com E-shop may slightly differ from the actual appearance of the products. Usually paintings look much better in real and have better detail. Also colors can be slightly different on the digital photos (this depends from the screen calibration).
  • The Seller shall exercise due care and diligence to ensure all Goods on offer are of best quality. Products offered at the E-shop may contain nickel or lead (especially semi-finished products). Persons suffering from allergies to those substances should not use our products.
  • Products in the E-shop’s offer are not toys and should not be used by children.
  • Goods offered by the Seller, when exposed to sunlight, air or water may lose their physical and chemical attributes (e.g. colour, shape). Also, Products may enter into chemical reactions with other substances or materials (e.g. fabric), therefore in certain cases our products may not be used. Persons having doubts whether a certain product may be used with specific designation are requested to contact a Salesperson before the purchase.