ROYAL Bracelet | Marble Pearls & Crystals

ROYAL BRACELET | Marble Pearls & Crystals

Handmade very elegant & minimal bracelet is our 5-row original design. Composition of dark metallic matte plated crystals, two shades of pink marble pearls and white artificial glass pearls hand braided with a thin jewelry thread in precise MicroMACRAME technique. Closed with a stainless steel lock.

A dainty and unique addition to your outfit. High quality, aesthetic finishing.

Perfect fit for Zodiac signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Aries or Sagittarius.


Marble Pearls & Crystals ROYAL BRACELET

Marble Pearls & Crystals are designed in 5 Rows of beads, Craft Jewelry Piece, designed & made in our studio.

The unusual combination of colors makes this bracelet fantastic especially for those, who like the more military look. Beaded macrame is a piece of laborious jewelry to work with. Our designs are precisely counted, at first we need to know the proper size of your wrist. Then we create a pattern with beads. The next step is to cut the proper length of threads. We plait in the first part of the metal closure and slip in a sequence of all beads. Then we stretch guiding threads with beads and we start weaving. In the end, we make a second part of the closure. Solid knots, secured with glue, finish each thread.

A properly chosen bracelet should be slightly larger than your wrist size. It should be around 1-1,5 cm / 0,4 – 0,6 in

  • dark metallic matte plated crystal beads – [size: 4 mm]
  • 2 colors pink marbled pearls – [size: 4 mm]
  • white glass artificial pearls – [size: 4 mm]
  • jewelry thread
  • gilded closure
☀ SIZE ☀

Please select your wrist size from a drop-down menu. I’ll make a bracelet with blue hematite & crystals special for you (and for your wrist size).


✓ At first check the proper guide image from the item’s gallery. I’ve made simple instructions for you.

For more you can also read our guide to choosing the proper size of bracelet here.


– If the chosen bracelet is in our stock, it will be shipped within 1-2 business days after receiving payment. Other case it can take 1-2 business days longer.


Before purchase see the shipping & policies section for additional shipping information, return/exchange policy and more.


Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions18 × 2.1 × 0.4 cm

Petite, Medium, Large, Plus Size

How to choose size?

Usually we make bracelets in 4 sizes:
Petite size is around 17,8 cm (7") long
Medium size is around 19 – 20,3 cm (7,5"-8") long
Large size is around 21,6 cm (8,5") long
Plus size is around 22,9 cm (9") long

Weight of bracelet in Small size is around 20 g.

If you wish to order different size, round up your size to one of these categories and choose it from the drop down menu. During checkout in the order description let us know, what is your specific size. According this, we will make perfect matching bracelet for you.


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