Infinity NATURAL Bracelets Cotton or Linen Strings

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Infinity NATURAL | choose your bracelet

Handmade, elegant and minimalist bracelets. Rustic look. Made out of cotton or hemp twines. A woven metal symbol of infinity, hand burnished, ending with a sliding woven binding. Detailed guidelines can be found in the description at the bottom of the page.

If you do not find a bracelet for yourself, write us an email. We will do our best to meet your expectations.
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Macrame Bracelet | Infinity Natural Bracelets

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Infinity natural bracelets is a classic addition, especially for Summer season. Made out of cotton or hemp. Original craft jewelry, designed and created in our studio. If you can’t find your dreamed model in our shop, email us at and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations.

Our bracelet is a universal symbol of stability and friendship. It will work great as a clothing accessory as well as a gift.


• Steel Elements
We use the best stainless steel components produced in Europe.
• Threads
Our articles are made by hand with the best components. For plaited goods we use jewelry threads, cotton, hemp and linen.


Bracelets are ready for shipping, processing takes 1-2 business days.

Do you like our bracelets?

We also create other accessories, weaved from threads, beads and precious stones. Check our offer, and if you dream about something that you can not find in our shop, email us. We will do our best to make your dreams come true 🙂

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Origins of Infinity symbol

The infinity symbol is not a new symbol – throughout the ages and various cultures the infinity symbol was used to represent different concepts and ideas. There is a meaning that has ritualized from India and Tibet, where the symbol represented perfection and equilibrium between the male and female gender. The infinity sign also appears in a number of mystical Celtic knot designs – which just like the infinity symbol have no end or beginning. The celtic knot designs actually bring a lot of resemblance to the Double Infinity Symbol, which is a representation of “double absoluteness”.

Modern times
The infinity symbol that we recognize today was first discovered by English mathematician John Wallis, in 1655. It is a concept of mathematics and physics that refers to a quantity with no bound or end – a quantity larger than any number. The word comes from the Latin infinitas or “unboundedness”.

Scientologists refer to this as the eighth dynamic, which is the urge towards an eternal and infinite existence. The eighth dynamic also is named ‘the supreme being’ or ‘creator’ – embracing the wholeness and endless capacity of all – they do not believe in reincarnation but as us having “past lives”.

Ancient times
The infinity was originally known as the Lemniscate, meaning ‘ribbon’, by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. The idea strives form The Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a serpent biting its own tail. It represents the infinite immortality, continuity, self-fertilization and eternal return. So already we see a connection in the meaning but coming from a place that we are less familiar with.

Although the infinity symbol has become a secular mathematical/scientific symbol for infinity in numbers and eternal time & space, the symbol derives from a religious place, which has enabled us to determine such spiritual and positive meanings. [/bg_collapse]

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