Caro Wooden Pendant PAINTED -GARDEN- BEAD


Custom made necklace with caro wooden medallion is our unique product. Hand shaped from the -garden- (fruit trees) wood and decorated with original miniature painting. After finishing the painting is resistant for mechanical damage and the colors will last for many years. We use museum grade paints to create miniature.

The bead has preserved wood texture.



Jewelry ● Objet d’Art

Wearable hand painted miniature artwork is one of the most beautiful items we offer at imageSOWER. Since the beginning this piece is handmade from wood, paint, clay, varnish and resin hand forged in the EU. Our luxury grade is an extraordinary composition of hand painted wooden bead and additional items such as: silver chain, strap, string or keychain ring. You can order it also as a simple framed artwork, so you can easy hang it on a wall. Each piece has preserved beautiful wood pattern and artist signature on the back.

An artist specialized in miniature painting individually paints each wooden bead. The beautiful painting is always created with artist quality paints or inks, overlaid with a clear resin as a protective cover for the artwork. Learn more about process

Details of this caro hand-painted wooden pendant

Variants: You can select one of 4 suggested shapes of the bead (please check linked items for other shapes), which we make from plum wood or cherry wood or apple-tree wood or peach wood. As finishing we recommend 925 silver, or strap, or string, or keychain clinch.

Simple framed artwork: If you would like to receive just framed piece of art, please check the link: /*** we are working on to develop this option for you. Please check it soon. ***/

Delivery: All our pieces are handmade for each order in Berlin, Germany. This means that depending on our current order volume your medallion could take approximately 4 to 6 weeks. We know it’s a long time to wait, but some of the materials we use take time to become fully-fledged. We make every effort to complete your orders as soon as possible. Usually about 2 weeks from the date of posting your transfer. If you have a pressing occasion coming up, please contact us. We’ll do everything we can to get your jewelry to you in time.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 g

plum-tree, cherry-tree, apple-tree, peach-tree


chain, strap, string, keychain ring


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