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BOHO Beaded Bracelet, design choice

Unique beaded macrame bracelets, made out of natural linen and colorful glass beads. For details please read the description below. Very interesting accent, an excellent choice for people who like expressive clothing accessories. For sure You will be very satisfied whenever you would wear it.
You can put them on individually or in layers, grouping a certain range or building a rainbow. They also combine well with other bracelets.
Choose your favorite colors from the drop-down menu.

Very light and comfortable to wear, with adjustable sliding clasp.
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Koralikowa Bransoletka BOHO Tęcza

Which one of beaded bracelet BOHO Rainbow is your choice?

Our bracelets are woven from natural linen and glass beads. The total thickness of each bracelet is about 5 mm, because they are made of linen, which is demanding, making the bracelet is time-consuming. It also requires precision braiding and the thread does not forgive mistakes. But the final effect of the work are beautiful bracelets that can be worn individually or in a set of several. You can order one or several bracelets.

  • When choosing 6 pieces, use the code: EN5+1 and you will pay only for 5 pieces, and you will receive the sixth bracelet for free!
  • When choosing 12 pieces, use the code: EN10+2 and you will pay only for 10 pieces, while you will receive 2 bracelets for free!

Choose one of our 12 beautiful, macrame bracelets. A combination of smooth rustic glass beads and linen. Each of them has a sliding, weaved clasp. Maximum opening: ~ 23.5 cm / 9.25 in. Total length: 17 – 19 cm / 6.7 – 7.5 in. BOHO Rainbow Bead Bracelets are weaved from linen thread combined with glass beads with nice, durable colors:

  1. yellow
  2. orange
  3. amber orange
  4. red
  5. purple
  6. cobalt blue
  7. royal blue
  8. turquoise
  9. sea
  10. dark turquoise
  11. green
  12. green in moss color

Choose the quantity and the right type of bracelet by selecting it from the drop-down menu. If you need different colors, please choose one, and in a comment to your purchase write us colors, which would you like to receive.


We love boho and we dedicate our products to people who value freedom of mind and thought. They also often feel a deep connection with nature. Artists and people looking for more value in life will appreciate it. They are great as an addition to modern, urban stylizations. Also for weekend and picnic style. Urban Boho is also a perfect shot, which is finally gaining more and more followers.


We purchase gemstones from local Polish distributor. So we are sure about their quality.
Our creations we make personally, by own hands with the best components. Miyuki beads have a beautiful finish and are very durable.
We buy our threads from a Polish manufacturer. They are made of natural linen fibers, left in natural colors.

• 100% highest quality materials (purchased in Poland).
• Made of high-quality steel elements.


The bracelets are ready for shipping, processing takes 1-2 business days.  If you want to order a set that is not currently in stock, the delivery time is usually 2-5 business days longer. It depends on how busy your calendar is, but please remember that we always place personal orders over our regular work.

Do you like our BRACELETS?

We design other beautiful BRACELETS, boho style is the closest to our hearts. We love beads and beading, so there are many beaded pieces.
Check the latest updates from our studio on Instagram! @objet_jewels

Additional information

Bransoletka nr

1 – yellow, 2 – orange, 3 – amber orange, 4 – red, 5 – purple, 6 – cobalt blue, 7 – royal blue, 8 – turquoise, 9 – sea, 10 – dark turquoise, 11 – green, 12 – green in the moss color


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