The collection of Braided Bracelets created with traditional craft techniques out of threads and cords, mostly natural. We combine them with semiprecious stones and gemstones, according to our original designs. Also we likely use precious metals (silver, copper, brass & stainless steel), natural fibers and seed beads, pearls & crystals.

We present fantastic pieces, perfect for people with sparkles in their eyes and beautiful, colorful souls. Braided Bracelets are soft and very skin-friendly. Most of them has also braided sliding clasp, which allows to resign from the use of any metal elements in the pieces. Moreover bracelets out of linen are naturally antiseptic and resistant to molds. Even more, linen has a fantastic fresh smell and looks fantastic with natural pearls and semiprecious stones. From time to time we also accept custom orders and inform about it via our newsletter. Please check the FAQ section for more details.

Check below our gallery of already available Braided Bracelets. Many of our designs are one of a kind. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter. We inform you monthly about the next upcoming shop update and new designs, which will be this time included.Stay up to date. Click here to jump to our subscribing form or check the footer of this page.