Wooden Jewelry

Wood is an unusual creative material. At first formed over time. At second shaped by changing environmental conditions. The wood we use comes from the dead fragments of the most powerful beings on our planet. Wooden Jewelry is our nod to Nature and an expression of fascination with its power.

Each tree is different, it does not have two the same sections in the wood. Another observation: wood from two different trees of the same species can be diametrically different. Even the wood of the same tree on the cross section of its different sections can have a completely different color or structure.

The tree transforms wood depending on the prevailing conditions, an example of which is a burl as a result of a bacterial or fungal infection. Invasive action of other tree pests or pest infestations.

Sometimes a twig growing from the branch of a tree under an unusual position can be fascinating. At other times, the incredible smoothness of the wooden structure or delicate color transitions is simply hypnotizing. Finally we try to observe and appreciate these phenomena and they find an estuary in our Wooden Jewelry. 

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