Wooden Earrings

Earrings are an element of jewelry valued in our culture primarily by women. Wooden Earrings are an alternative to traditional jewelry. Natural wood creates unusual patterns and colors that we compose as unique pieces of jewelry.

Earrings have been known and valued since antiquity. Many ladies feel naked without a pair of nice earrings. Possession of decorations in the ears is also a measure of social rank, a distinctive feature, but also an ornament. Earrings should emphasize the owner’s face, complement the makeup and dress.

Our Wooden Earrings are very light. Despite the large dimensions and visual weight, extremely comfortable to wear. The warm and natural wood structure is a pleasant, real accent.

In our offer are both: simple geometrical forms as well as natural, only slightly shaped by us. In an extension for the traditional pairs also sculptural compositions of asymmetrical sets.

We create wooden earrings in our studio. Since the first sketch on paper, via cutting, grinding, polishing and lacquering of each bead. Finally we combine wooden beads with metal, leather or string elements. Hence you can see in our gallery.

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