Wooden Bracelets

The bracelet is an attribute valued by jewelry experts. Wooden Bracelets are not a replacement for metal, but they are a great remedy for plastic. The jewelry we create is a tribute to Nature, while maintaining the classic functionality of this element of the outfit.

Bracelet worn on the wrist or ankle gently falling on the foot, has not only a decorative role. A well-chosen bracelet is an integral part of the outfit. It emphasizes the slimmest places in our body, drawing attention to them.

It can be an integral part of the outfit or a strong, distinctive accent. You can wear one, even a delicate bracelet, or combine different models. Thanks to this, we get clear compositions, sometimes gently ringing or rattling to the rhythm of our movements. Only our fantasies can limit us.

We create wooden bracelets in our studio. Since the first sketch on paper, via cutting, grinding, polishing and lacquering of each bead. Finally we combine wooden beads with metal, leather or string elements. Hence you can see in our gallery.

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