Wooden Bracelets

We plait bracelets, including Shamballa, in the traditional macramé technique. Overall making them is almost a cult in our studio. Also brings joy, beautiful colors please eyes and delight the heart. Wooden bracelets are unique combinations of wooden beads and natural jewelry ropes.

First of all to create our plaited compositions we use varnished wooden beads in different colors. Their diameter is usually 6 or 8 mm. Second: we combine them with cotton, flax, hemp or silk strings, usually in earth tones, dark brown or black.

In our offer you will find bracelets in various colors and one-, two- or three-rows compositions. Because of natural materials usage the bracelets are warm and pleasant to the skin. Most of them have adjustable fasteners, which makes them very well suited to the wrist of the person wearing them.

Some our bracelets do not have any metal elements, so they are 100% antiallergic. If you wish to purchase bigger or smaller size of some model, please email us. Direct contact is shop@imagesower.com. Please attach a photo of the model that interests you. As a result we will be able to create the perfect match for you. We estimate the waiting time for the order. 

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