We offer hand made MACRAME Pendants. A perfect alternative for people who love to keep it simple. Nevertheless, they enjoy surrounding themselves with nice objects and like beautiful personal gadgets. Each amulet is singular and unique. Each is classically mystical, such as other works of art.

MACRAME Pendants are great as an addition to keys or other objects, that easily get lost in a purse. They are also excellent tags for a purse, backpack, or suitcase. Wearing them as a necklace on your neck is easy by switching a ring with a chain, strap, or string. A nice match for oversize outfits, jerseys, and sweaters because of a kinda heavy appearance.

We make hand weaved pendants from the very beginning. At first, we cut cords or threads. Our favorites are linen, flax, cotton and paracord. Then we look for right metal parts, if we need it. Then we start to make macrame’s knots. After some time, we have nice peace of macrame. Each becomes a talisman. In a way, it gains its own existence by being created in the process of creation and not of production.

We paint with classic techniques. Also, we use our author method of preservation of mini images. You can read more about the production process on our homepage.

We create using high-quality art paints and archival quality of the inks. Finished with jewelry glass and/or professional lacquers. Thanks to this the painting is resistant to mechanical damage, and its colors you will be able to enjoy for many years.

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