Cufflinks are a traditional male attribute. Gentlemen, especially in matters of formal dress, have significant limitations. However, by small accents, they can define themselves in a subtle way.

This option, in addition to a few others, just give Cuff Links. The projects created by us are characterized by uniqueness. We use beautiful natural wood, sometimes these are compositions of several species that create specific motifs.

His jewels are naturally beautiful and durable. Typically, they are based on surgical steel, but we also create items based on brass, copper, silver or bronze. We fix the beauty of wood with lacquers and crystal jewelry glass. Thanks to this he will be able to enjoy their high quality for a long time.

Each set of cuff links in our collection is different and unique. Due to the nature of the wood, we are not able to make two identical pairs. That’s why by buying our Cuff Links you can be sure that no one has the same as yours.
If you would like to order your own CuffLinks, because you have not found the right ones in our store, please contact us at We estimate the cost and waiting time for your order.

We dedicate it to people who value freedom of spirit and thought. Also often feeling a deep connection with nature. Artists or people looking for more value in life enjoy it a lot. It works great as an addition to modern, urban stylizations. Also the free weekend and picnic trend. Urban boho is a casual and festive style. Finally, it gains more and more followers.

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