Hand-crafted MEDALLIONS

Hand-crafted MEDALLIONS are part of our collection of JEWELRY. We entwine jewelry threads & thin cords mostly in microMACRAME technique. Combine them with Gemstones, Semiprecious Stones, Crystals, Pearls, and precious metal parts. Above all our author’s designs are a unique combinations of materials and colors. Our crafted goods make beautiful, visible accents that attract attention.

We create BOHO Jewelry with great attention to detail. You get carefully made and finished decorations. Made out of high-quality materials.

So here is the way of creating painted pendants: we make wooden beads from the very beginning. At first, we cut it, then grind, process edges and polish. Then we decorate them with original tiny miniature paintings. Artist creates each picture and applies varnishes with a brush. Finally, every tiny object leaving our studio includes a tiny part of our souls. Each becomes a talisman. In a way, it gains its own existence by being created in the process of creation and not of production.

We create hand-crafted medallions with classic painting and curving techniques. Also, we use our author’s method of preservation of mini images. You can read more about the production process on our homepage. So we make one-of-a-kind designs, which respond to your soul. They are unique and beautiful.

We create using high-quality art paints and archival quality of the inks. Finished with jewelry glass and / or professional lacquers. Thanks to this the painting is duly protected and resistant to mechanical damage, and its colors you will be able to enjoy for many years.

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Showing all 2 results