Natural plaited Bracelets

Natural Braids are jewelry made of organic materials, they are a perfect everyday addition to your outfit. Combine colors and materials together. Play with them. They can complement the outfit or counterpoint, a distinct accent that attracts attention.

Projects from the NATURAL PLAITED BRACELETS section have clear signs of ethnojewelry. To create our products, we use natural cotton, linen, hemp and silk cords. We combine them with wooden, glass, ceramic and glass beads, as well as pearls and gemstones. Finally any metal elements are antiallergic surgical steel, copper or silver. We also likely use leather and natural or ecological leather.

Our offer also includes jewelry models without any metal parts, which are 100% antiallergic. They do not irritate the skin, and the use of natural materials means that you wear them in harmony with nature.

We make each of our plaits in our studio. You will find among them both very minimalistic and intense colorful concepts. Even more: try to combine them with our hand-painted or carved pendants, which you can find in the Wooden Jewelry section. 

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Showing all 11 results