Jewelry Sets

Our Jewelry Sets are a great alternative for nature lovers. Subtle and minimalist, both in shape and decoration, they usually refer to the world of plants. All projects are single copies, which is characteristic to classic mysticism of works of art.

From the very beginning, our beads are handmade. Then we decorate each with original tiny miniature paintings. We prepare wood for each pendant. We manually cut, grind, process the edges and polish each bead. Man’s hand creates each picture and applies varnish with a brush. Finally every tiny object leaving our studio includes a tiny part of our souls. Each becomes a talisman. In a way, it gains its own existence by being created in the process of creation and not of production.

We are not able to perfectly duplicate an existing piece. Even if we make a another design, similar to existing one. Above all each miniature is hand painted origin. We use classic painting techniques. We have developed an original method of preservation of our miniatures. Even more about the production process you will find on our homepage.

Jewelry sets are a collection of unique products, they will work both as a complement to everyday clothing or a delicate addition to evening look.

We create using high quality art paints and archival quality of the inks. Finished with jewelry glass and / or professional lacquers. Thanks to this the painting is duly protected and resistant to mechanical damage, and its colors you will be able to enjoy for many years. 

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Showing all 1 result