Hand painted Jewelry

HANDMADE jewelry are unique amulets. All medallions & pendants are single copies of hand painted Jewelry. Each is classically mystical, such as other work of art.

We create beads with our hands from the very beginning. We pick proper basis material carefully. Then we prepare it, according the concept sketches. We paint each picture and apply varnish with a brush. Miniature paintings are difficult artistic technique. It takes a lot of time to learn it, as well as paint each miniature. Therefore each piece, which is leaving our studio, includes also a little particle of our souls. Each becomes a talisman. In some way it gains its own existence by being created, instead of being produced.

Another fact is, that perfect duplication of existing piece is impossible. Even if we make a very similar copy. Each wooden bead is unique. Also each miniature painting is hand made and special. Consequently there are no two identical pieces of wood. Neither no two identical paintings.

We create hand painted jewelry with archive quality art paints & inks. We finish each bead with crystal jewelry glass and / or professional varnishes. The final miniature painting is duly protected and resistant to mechanical damage. Clients enjoy colors and special character of our jewelry for many years. We invite you to read more about the creation process on our artistic homepage.

If you wish to purchase some already sold model, please email us. Direct contact is shop@imagesower.com. Please attach a photo of the piece that interests you. We estimate the price and waiting time for the order. If you agree, we have a deal. As a result we create the perfect match for you. 

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Showing all 3 results