Elegant JEWELRY Sets

Elegant JEWELRY Sets are an extension of Elegant JEWELRY collection. We entwine jewelry threads & thin cords in microMACRAME technique. Combine them with Gemstones, Semiprecious Stones, Crystals, Pearls and precious metal parts. Above all our author’s designs are unique combination of materials and colors. Our crafted goods make beautiful, visible accents that attract attention. 

Elegant JEWELRY Sets collection is your own way to compose the perfect set of YOUR Jewelry. Choose between earrings, bracelet and/or necklace. All additional metal parts are hypoallergenic. We make them with passion and high attention to detail. Due to you receive high-quality product, very carefully made and finished.

Search collection of Elegant JEWELRY for e.g. 3-Row BRACELETS, Beaded EARRINGSMASSIVE Bracelets or MASSIVE Bracelets. Also check Singular PIECES for unrepeatable goods.

We make each of our plaits in our studio. We design very minimal as well as intense colorful concepts. Even more: try to combine them with our hand-painted or carved pendants. Check our collection of Wooden Jewelry. 

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Showing all 4 results