Carved Pendants

Carved pendants are made mostly of wood. It is a natural renewable resource that has been popular among people for years. Unique constructions, functional and beautiful objects are created, including works of art and jewelry.

The pedigree of wood makes the man using it  to feel a strong bond with nature. Carved pendants will allow you to express your sentiment and attachment to Gaia in a simple way.

In our projects, we use wood most often, which we ourselves obtain. In the habit we have to go to the forest after a larger gale, in order to find interesting branches thrown by the wind. We are interested in oaks, beeches, pines, hornbeams, maples and other species of trees from the vicinity of Nowy Targ to the Sudeten foothills. We also use wood from fruit trees and ornamental shrubs. Some of our projects are created based on exotic wood, which we buy from reliable suppliers.

Woodworking begins in our workshop from the quality assessment of the raw material. The next steps are cutting and drying selected fragments, which after further processing will become a valuable element of jewelry. You can also read about the wood preparation process on our home page. 

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