Carved Flowers

Carved flowers have been created in our studio recently. Stylized plant forms take the form of beautiful pendants thanks to the designer’s commitment. Each object is very precisely made and created from scratch by hand.

When creating wooden plants and flowers, we draw from the richness of nature, but also from the cultural heritage of civilization. Over the years, some aesthetic patterns and patterns have been created that delight people. Geographical location and ethnicity are also important here. We devote a lot of time to analyzing it before completing the project.

It is always important to choose the right raw material. We are happy to use native species of trees and shrubs. Usually we use fallen branches or fragments of dead specimens. When creating more complex motifs or sculpting in a more delicate wood, we use composites. We also use composites when using less durable woods of exotic origin. They often have beautiful natural colors.

We use the author’s method of wood processing, thanks to which we obtain a durable semi-finished product. It is a great base for further artistic activities. 

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