Most pieces of BRACELETS collection we make with traditional techniques, such as microMACRAME. We entwine jewelry threads with Gemstones, Semiprecious Stones, Crystals, Pearls. Also additional metal parts, wires and threads. Therefore our designs are a unique combination of materials and colors. So they make beautiful accents that attract attention.
We create with passion and high attention to detail. In the end, you receive high-quality products. Very carefully made, and finished. We make each of our plaits in our studio. You will find among them both: very minimal and intense colorful concepts. Even more: try to combine them with our hand-painted or carved pendants, which you can find in the Wooden Jewelry section.

Our Elegant Jewelry collection also includes pieces without any metal parts. Above all, they are 100% antiallergic. They do not irritate the skin. The usage of natural materials means that you wear them in harmony with nature.

We create BOHO Bracelets with great attention to detail. So you get carefully made and finished decorations. Made out of high-quality materials.
Boho beaded dangle earrings are characterized by stylistic freedom. Inspired by tribal cultures. Boho jewelry emphasizes the delicacy and sensual femininity of the owner. Unique, original projects. Fashion jewelry is the key to effective self-presentation. Boho jewelry expands your own individuality.

We dedicate it to people who value freedom of spirit and thought. Also often feeling a deep connection with nature. Artists or people looking for more value in life enjoy it a lot. It works great as an addition to modern, urban stylizations. Also the free weekend and picnic trend. Urban boho is a casual and festive style.  Finally, it gains more and more followers.