The people are tired by the overwhelming trash & mass-produced items. Thousands of items made in minutes by machines, artworks from hypermarket and other ‘beautiful’ items generate dullness. Weariness and monotony are becoming more and more frequent companions of our everyday life is confronted with 16 seasons in fashion trends yearly. It’s sed, but this is the fact. It’s brainwashing. (Read more…)
Why an ornament on the wrist is a unique element of personal jewelry? It has been accompanying civilization for centuries, it is known in practically all cultures. The bracelet has always been important: thanks to it, members of the social group or guild, wealth or preferences were recognized. Wearing bracelets to this day also has a religious meaning or is otherwise associated with beliefs. (Read more…)
Indeed, it is! This is no news that we live in the pursuit of money, in the world of consumers who constantly want more. We are being flooded by short series of mass-produced things in well-known chains. So I have a proposition – let’s focus on the products! Real, reliable – created by small producers and craftsmen. And let’s fix what is worth it and can be repaired – clothes, shoes, furniture, as well as jewelry! (Read more…)
The end of lamentation, now there will be facts. As you read in the title, I was supposed to welcome you or the Summer season of 2019. And yes, welcome! Listen, we’re doing such a nice campaign that we’re giving out our bracelets. How is this supposed to look like? The action is very simple, each purchase of 2 of our plaited bracelets will be rewarded with a FREE bracelet. In this action, we give out 30 bracelets, because June has 30 days. (Read more…)