Welcome to the OBJET d’ART  Shop – the boutique of hand-made jewelry, miniature paintings and rare goods. We design and create unique crafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces & brooches. Natural Elegance, Timeless Designs & Extraordinary Beaded Compositions. Zodiac Symbols & Artistic Clocks. For our daily news check our Instagram.

Original miniature paintings on wood:

OBJET d'ART Shop - hand painted original watercolor miniatures on wood slices

Zodiac symbols:

OBJET-dART Shop-coming-soon

New in our shop:

Elegant 5-row (MASSIVE) tennis bracelets with gemstones, crystals & pearls:

Colorful dangle earrings with gemstones, crystals & pearls:

Elegant 3-row tennis bracelets with gemstones, crystals & pearls:

Lately on our blog:

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