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Stone Chart OBJET d’ART

Stone Chart OBJET d'ART - we create jewelry with traditional artistic and craft techniques.

Our work is a fusion of colors, materials, forms, textures and images. We specialize in creating original miniature paintings on various substrates (wood, stone, mother-of-pearl, etc.) and original compositions from traditional Czech crystals, gemstones, semi-precious stones and minerals. We have prepared this Stone Chart OBJET d’ART to help you oriented within the theme of our focal stones. In the end you will find also Zodiac Birthstones Chart and examples of our bracelets.

Vary of Our Collections, sometimes they percolate and complete each other. We encourage you to explore gallery, which we constantly expand with new designs. Some of them are unique one of a kind pieces. So you should be aware we can not repeat some of them.

About focal stones

Most of our Ducal Bracelets with natural focal stones is made with surgical closure or during ordering you can choose adjustable model with a sliding clasp.

Also some of our custom made bracelets have option of selecting focal stones. More about groups B to F is below. However there is also Group A, which always refers to glass beads & artificial pearls. We encourage you to choose your colors. You can also send us a photo of a dress, blouse or blezer, that should be a pair with the bracelet, which would you like to order. Check direct

Gemstones & semi-precious stones

We create beaded jewelry also with gemstones and minerals. Sometimes in the offers, you can choose the type of stone e.g. very classic design of the Ducal Bracelet or Royal Bracelet. If you are looking for the right gemstone, you can follow this stone guide:

  • B – Obsidian (black, gold), Jasper Autumn (blue – brown), Green Onyx 
  • – Hematite (silver, gold, blue-green, blue, violet, pink-gold, cashmere), Jade (grey brown, blue, red, ice blue, fuchsia, emerald) 
  • D – Agate, Black Onyx, Rose Quartz, Red Coral, Carnelian, Hematite (chrome, cappuccino, matte brown, pink gold, champagne) 
  • E – Jasper Impression (blue, violet, green, black, red) 
  • – Lapis Lazuli, Blue Aventurine, Pomegranate, Russian Amazonite, Amethyst, Tiger Eye (violet, pink, green, blue, gold, brown)

The extension to our basic Stone Chart OBJET d'ART you may find also interesting. Check some of them below:

Other stones used in our works - Set 1

Set 1

  • 1st row – Green Aventurine, Chrysocolla, Chariot,  Fluorite (purple, green), Gagat, Howlite (green, white), Honey Jade
  • 2nd row – Green Pastel Jade, Persian Jade 
  • 3rd row – Rainbow Jade, Jade Golden, Jasper (Black Woven and Zebra), Forest Jasper, Mustard Stone
  • 4th row – Quartz (Mountain, Black Moss, Azure, Blue Moss, Cherry), Labradorite, Larvikite, Lava 

Set 2

  • 1st – Magnesite (white, blue), Malachite, Mapstone, Nephrite (white, amber), Cairo Night, Obsidian Brown
  • 2nd – Opal, Desert Sand, Green Desert Sand, Ruby, Sardonyx (Red Onyx), Coral Fossil, Sodalite, Spinel, Sapphire
  • 3rd – Emerald, Turquoise (African, White, Blue, Sky Blue), Tourmaline (black, pastel), Unakit
Other stones used in our works - Set 2
Agate Stone Chart OBJET d'ART Artisan Jewelry
Fantastic shades of the Agate stones.

We also like Agate stones (samples on the attached board). 

For other designs we also quit often use Jaspers: Jasper Picasso Red, Red Jasper, Landscape Jasper, Jasper Lavender, Jasper Picasso 

Some unique stones are already available between our collections. If you have any questions or looking for anything special, let us know.  For our daily news check our Instagram.

Zodiac Birthstons Guide ● Handmade Jewelry OBJET d'ART
If you have trouble with choosing proper stone, you may like to help yourself with this practical board.

You may like to check some of our works created with gemstones & minerals:

Handmade BRACELET blue Hematite & Crystals from the collection "Massive Bracelets" OBJET d'ART by imageSOWER
OBJET-d'ART-3-Row BRACELET | pearls & gemstone & crystals bracelet
OBJET-d'ART-3-Row BRACELET | Custom Gemstones Bracelet also with pearls and crystals | tiger eye, rose quartz & crystals-a
Creamy pearls & crystals Bracelet | OBJET d'ART Hand Braided Jewelry
Pearls & Crystals CLPH | Ducal BRACELET Hand Braided Macrame Piece micromacrame with a sliding clasp | OBJET d'ART Artisan Jewelry
Ducal handmade Bracelet | Hematite & Crystals GHH1 beaded macrame with hematite stones and Czech crystals OBJET d'ART Artisan Jewelry
OBJET d'ART Artisan Jewelry Hematite & Crystals AGH | 3-Row Ducal BRACELET Handmade braided beaded macrame
OBJET d'ART Artisan Jewelry | Handmade beaded macrame bracelet with tiger eye, rose quartz & Czech crystals beads
OBJET d'ART Artisan Jewelry | Handmade beaded macrame bracelet with tiger eye & Czech crystals beads
Pearls & Crystals MPH Ducal Bracelet beaded macrame by OBJET d'ART Artisan Handmade Jewelry
OBJET d'ART Artisan Jewelry Hematite & Crystals RGB | Royal BRACELET Handmade braided beaded macrame
Marble Pearls & Crystals ● collection MASSIVE Bracelets of ● Handmade Jewelry OBJET d'ART ● beaded macrame tennis bracelet
Rainbow Hematite & Pearls ● collection MASSIVE Bracelets of ● Handmade Jewelry OBJET d'ART ● beaded macrame tennis bracelet
Red Jade & Crystals ● collection MASSIVE Bracelets of ● Handmade Jewelry OBJET d'ART ● beaded macrame tennis bracelet

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