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Artworks from Hypermarket

The people are tired by the overwhelming trash & mass-produced items. Thousands of items made in minutes by machines, artworks from hypermarket and other ‘beautiful’ items generate dullness. Weariness and monotony are becoming more and more frequent companions of our everyday life is confronted with 16 seasons in fashion trends yearly. It’s sed, but this is the fact. It’s brainwashing. 

Dullness, weariness and monotony make us tired, sleepy and apathetic more and more often. Of course, this may be related to the fact that we are suffering from some disease. Often, however, it is because of how we live. Our lifestyle and the environment in where we mostly spend our time have a significant impact on us and our well-being. It’s so easy to check interior decoration section of your favorite store and pick some artworks from hypermarket

However many of us don’t realize this and don’t understand this process. Even more, can’t even name it. Why should I, would you ask. Believe me, you should. It’s easy to follow process, which will let you improve your every future day. Be happy, love art and find something, that resonates with your soul.

Grab some cup of your favorite tea or coffee and let’s start. I will help you to achieve this 🙂

Your closest space factor-Artwork from hypermarket - Objet d'Art Artisan Jewelry & Original Paintings


Your closest space factor

The space, where we spend the most time, has the strongest impact on us. The colors we surround ourselves with, the organization of space and its arrangement have a direct impact on our well-being.

Remember that if you are looking for a rest, it is best to choose soft, pastel colors. If you need a stimulus to act, sometimes one wall or a recess, painted in a more intense color, will do the job. You can also hang a large, interesting painting or poster on the wall. The cluttered interior will be mentally overwhelming. Unorganized space will increase your disorganization and chaos. However, you can fight it.

I especially recommend you the boho style, because it is flexible and multi-threaded, you can weave other styles into it and play with it. People looking for more value in their lives will gladly reach for the bohemian style. Its leitmotif is looking inside yourself, looking for connections with nature and ancient folk cultures that lived in harmony with nature. Get creative, get inspired all over the world. Check also the urban trends of the urban boho style – this style is very life-friendly, it is gaining more and more followers, especially among people living in big cities.


Mass-produced trash

The process of mass-produced items isn’t new. It’s know from years. Starting from following recipes for cooking, baking and preparing medicaments or other useful mixtures at first by hands, then by machines it’s acceptable. However when it comes to house warming decorations and artworks, it starts to be illogical. However, do you ever wonder about alternatives that will be associated with some emotional charge, message or impulse to act? Such things unfortunately have to be looked for elsewhere.

Artworks from hypermarket or crafted decorations only pretend to be valuable. Some of this items can be nice, but most of them is just an aesthetic crap. Picture printed on the polyester canvas in thousands of copies cannot be called artwork anymore. It’s just a picture, nothing more. But large sale companies and hypermarkets tell customers, that this things have value. It’s brainwashing, they have very low value.

Please remember! The original art pieces are fantastic gift idea for people, who love art. Mass-produced items, which pretend to be art, are only a crap.

Where to look for valuable pieces?

You may look at artist’s online stores or art fairs in your neighborhood. Together with my partner we help some friends to reach out a bigger audience via our little gallery. We present there original decorations, painted by the few polish artists and also me myself. We offer original watercolors, acrylic and oil paintings. Made out of high-quality materials and varnished. They travel without frames or passe-partouts so you can decide on your own, how would you like to arrange them. You just pick pure art, and we ship it for you as soon as possible.

Objet d’Art Gallery is a small collection of artworks, made only by people personally with us related. We are a bit like a family, however without any blood relation. Our bond is a passion for art and creativity. We also admire Silesian region of Southern Poland, which is often strong inspiration for our creative processes. Pieces created with passion by the true artists, is a nice alternative to artworks from hypermarket.

You can also consider custom order, if you need something specific and even more unique. If you wish to order this from us, please send us a brief at:


Stay selective

Do not overload your space. Too many colors, accents, materials and motives isn’t decorative, even if the singular pieces are precious. Less is more.

Try to look for connections, combine similar materials. Paintings, photos or graphics join together by picking similar frames for them. If they are in different sizes, try to group them – few smaller together and the larger more separated.

Work with layers, add dimension to the pieces, if it’s needed. Even drawing made by your child, which usually hangs on your fridge, will gain value if you would frame it and hang on the wall.

Everything depends of this, what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. Do not try to follow trends, if you don’t really like them. Be yourself and personalize your space, it should reflect you, accomplish personality.

If you are looking for some tips about arranging space, search for it on Pinterest. There is planty great photos, and some of them may help you to make good decisions. You can ask for help a professional interior designer. However you should check portfolios of few designers, and then pick one, who’s style is closest to your preferences. You can meet at first and try to speak with this person, if you would be able to find common language and establish cooperation. However, don’t be discouraged if your first choice turns out to be wrong. Try again, maybe you need some training and the second or third time it will be easier for you to talk and look for a level of mutual understanding.


Look for better solutions to artworks from hypermarket. To remember:

  • Sold by the discounts and hypermarkets mass-produced items are cheap trash. Which is not that cheap at all!
  • Buy decorations from artists or crafters, online or in your neighborhood.
  • Try to make something interesting by yourself.
  • Take classes, learn some skills, and then make something cool. It can be painting, decoration from paper, framed crochet design, piece of interesting wood etc.
  • Consider framing paintings made by your children.

Don’t forget to check our gallery. Maybe you will find there something interesting for yourself or fantastic gift for someone close to you.



Thank you for reading this post. As always there is much more to say, then I already told. I hope that it brought value to your day.

We don’t like trash, we learn how to avoid unnecessary things and mass-produced cheap items are trash. If you spend a little more money on something, you will respect it more. This thing will make you more proud and happy, that you have it. It doesn’t matter if this is a pair of jeans, painting or a car. You will enjoy it more than just anything.

If I got you interested, please share this article with your friends and acquaintances. Perhaps some of them will find this knowledge useful. You may also consider checking my creations online by clicking the link below.


It means a lot to me if you choose to purchase my artisan jewelry or paintings. Thanks to this, I can create the next nice things, write and share my knowledge.

Do you have your thoughts on this topic? Write a comment below or just send me an email at: I will discuss the solutions with my friends and let you know as soon as possible.
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Meanwhile, have fun just checking our gallery of self-thaught artistic friends!

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