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I’m Kate (Kaśka). You can associate me with the instagram, and if not, I here is some shortcut: I am responsible for most of the things that appear under the brand OBJET d’ART. I’m also responsible for Hello Summer action. Details below 😉

But what’s the matter?

Because Instagram is an impermanent thing, and we have treated it so far as a kind of blog, I decided to finally launch a “real” one. However, will it be very real, as it looks? Well, not really. I do not promise you regular entries, flooding content every second day… I just do not have time, forgive me. This blog is intended to record certain information and to extend our personal meetings. Besides, what will happen here depends primarily on you 🙂

Sooo I am waiting for suggestions or questions that I will be able to develop or refine thanks to the wonderful tool that the blog is. Comment on this post or write me an email at: or find me on Instagram.


The end of lamentation, now there will be facts. As you read in the title, I was supposed to welcome you or the Summer season of 2019. And yes, welcome! Listen, we’re doing such a nice campaign that we’re giving out our bracelets. How is this supposed to look like? The action is very simple, each purchase of 2 of our plaited bracelets will be rewarded with a FREE bracelet. In this action, we give out 30 bracelets, because June has 30 days 🙂

Hello Summer – 2+1 FREE!

Well, again. I have some nice bracelets for you 🙂

  • we give you bracelets – 2+1 Free (when you buy 2, you get the third for FREE)
  • time – until the end of June 2019 (until 30/06/2019)
  • place – May 26, 2019 at SILESIA BAZAAR and in our online store until 30/06/2019 or while stocks last.

Silesia Bazaar

Przywitanie Lata na Silesia Bazaar w Szybie Wilson, już 26 maja 2019

It is worth mentioning that on May 26, 2019 we will be at Silesia Bazaar in Katowice.

The event will take place in Szyb Wilson Gallery from 11-18, free admission.

Me, OBJET d’ART and my Przemek can be found at booth C5. I’ll be happy to answer questions that bother you personally and tell you about my greatest passion, which is miniature painting (note: I talk a lot …)

Together with the organizer we cordially invite you!

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